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Chatsworth Castle (in Derbyshire) photo+info

RO: Palatul ducilor de Devonshire (Anglia), o constructie magnifica, aflata intr-o excelenta stare de conservare. Large Photo Gallery

EN: Derbyshire, the palace-like ancestral home of Duke of Devonshire; was built in late 16th century by Elizabeth Hardwick, known as “Bess of Hardwick” and her 2nd husband William Cavendish; there are outstanding painted ceilings by Verrio and Laguerre, a library of over 17,000 volumes, old master paintings by Rembrandt, Hals, Van Dyck, Tintoretto, Veronese, Sargent and Landseer. More info: Chatsworth House (+ pics)

Bolsover Castle (in Derbyshire) photo + info


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Info+pics Bolsover Castle (EN Text in Castle Catalog):

Bolsover Castle (Chesterfield)

Derbyshire; in early 17th century Charles Cavendish had a country house built on the site of a Norman castle, and he wanted the house look like a castle, even though it was never meant to be used for any military purposes. The house was occupied during the Civil War in 1645 by the Parlamentary army [...]

Bolsover Castle

Raised by the Peverel family in the 12thcentury, very little is known of the original castle at Bolsover. A stone Keep was built c1173, surrounded by a curtain wall with an outer bailey, but the wall was breached in 1216 during the reign of King John. Surviving fragments of this curtain wall were later incorporated [...]